Boarding at Rosebrook Farm

Boarding and Training at Rosebrook is a special experience for those who are looking for the very best in horse care and Dressage.  Our head trainer, Cindi Wylie, has always felt that sunshine and air are the horses best friends, and ample turnout as well as a light and bright working environment in our 80 x 200 indoor are an intrinsic parts of our training program.  Cindi maintains her high standards of care on a daily basis, by overseeing her professional adult staff, who are comfortable in working with foals as well as seniors.  They can bandage, medicate, and work with your horse in the kind and compassionate manner that you would want them handled!

The Rosebrook Boarding Experience...


  • beautiful and airy mirrored 80 x 200 Coverall arena, complete with dust free Permafllex footing that is maintained by staff and 'surround sound" stereo system.
  • Beautiful and serene 100x200 outdoor arena (with regulation size dressage arena set up within it) with well groomed Permaflex footing and a lovely screened gazebo
  • Two hot and cold water running wash stalls that work year round.
  • Two dedicated grooming stalls
  • Oversized tack lockers for every horse, with ample space for Saddles, bridles, and all the things you'll need for your day to day work with your horse.
  • Heated observation area, grain room, and bathroom facilities.
  • Synthetic Centaur Fencing around our paddocks eliminating the worries about broken boards and loose nails.
  • 12x12 fully matted stalls with overhead ceiling fans to help circulate air as well as keep any bugs at bay.
  • Fly predators have been used consistently on the property for many years, helping keep the number of unwanted pesky flies down.
  • Outdoor walking trail
  • Round Pen
  • We feed ample top quality first cut Canadian Hay four times daily including night check that's kept in a well ventilated loft area to keep it from getting dusty or moldy
  • We feed top quality Nutrena Feeds, with a variety of their blends, to suit not only high performance horses, but babies and seniors as well!
  • 22 paddocks including grass or dirt, of a variety of sizes to accommodate each individual horses needs.
  • We perform a "night check" every night after closing (9PM), which includes checking your horses water level and feeding a bit more hay...
  • Staff lives on site helping provide round the clock care when necessary.